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December 31, 2011
We got a new GPS for Christmas! We wanted a GPS for paperless Geocaching, but a few days before ordering one our car GPS broke (cracked screen), so we splurged and bought a
Garmin Montana 650 with the car mount and road maps. We really like it! The paperless Geocaching makes finding Geocaches to look for much easier. The compass also makes it easier to find the cache as we get close.

Today we found our first Geocache with the new GPS: GC32X6F

December 2, 2011
I (Bobo) was home alone today. (Mr. Bear and Tammie have been in PA with Grammy, who's been in the hospital.) I heard the garage door go up, and I knew Paul had come home from work early! I was in the kitchen having a snack, and I tried to get back up stairs quickly. I wasn't fast enough and Paul caught me. It's hard to get back up stairs quickly without your best friend helping!

September 10, 2011 to September 18, 2011
We went on a cruise to the
Bahamas! We were supposed to go to Bermuda, but a storm in the Atlantic changed our destination. We were told about the change before getting on the ship. We were on Norwegian Cruise Line's Gem.
We left from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The building going up is One World Trade Center. This was also closest we've been to the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy, so the pictures aren't as good as we would have liked.
Monday night was formal night, and we had a towel puppy visit us.
Wednesday we were at Norwegian Cruise Line's private island, Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. The beach was very nice, but there's not too much else to do on the island (it's not quite as impressive as the NCL web site indicates), and little shade from the very hot sun. There was a nice sunset as we left the island that evening.
Thursday evening there was an art show of the masters: Rembrandt, Picaso, Goya, Renoir, Peter Max, and others. We were invited to see them, so we got our picture taken with two Rembrandt van Rijn etchings. The one on the left is The Death of the Virgin. The one on the right is The Golf Player.
Friday there was chocolate buffet! There were some very interesting chocolate sculptures, and we made a collage of some of them.

May 29, 2011
We found our 50th Geocache today!

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May 20, 2011 to May 22,1011
We spent the weekend in Williamsburg, VA. We didn't do a whole lot while we were there. We did see the glass-blowing at Jamestown, VA. There are a lot of pancake and waffle restaurents in Williamsburg. The first morning we ate at
Astronomical Pancake and Waffle House. It was pretty good, though not the best we've had. The pancakes were large, but not as fluffly as Jennie's Diner in Ronks (Lancaster), PA. The second morning we ate at Gazebo House of Pancakes and Waffle House. Again, it was pretty good, but not as good as The Original Waffle Shop in State College, PA.

We also went to a classic car show while we were there.

February 4, 2011 to February 18, 2011
On Friday, February 4th, Paul got a voice mail at work that was unexpected. It was from one of his co-workers from the office in Indiana. They were having a training session in their office the next week, and they guys there thought Paul should join them. Paul came home and discussed it with Tammie and us, and we decided to go! He sent out a bunch of e-mail to get management approval and we left about noon the next day, after a bunch of hurried packing. We stayed at a motel in Ohio Saturday night, and arrived at the location in Indiana about lunch time on Sunday.

Paul spent the days in the office taking the class, while we lounged around the motel. It was hectic for him, but relaxing for us, and Tammie had some fun exploring the town.

On Saturday the 12th we drove to Wisconsin to see Paul's parents and sister. The only good picture we got was driving through Chicago with the Willis Tower (called the Sears Tower by most people) in the background. We didn't do a whole lot in WI, mostly relaxed. On Thursday (the 17th) we left to head back home. While we were on the way out of town we did stop for kringle at O&H Danish Bakery. Then on our way through Kenosha we stopped at the Mars Cheese Castle. It was wonderful! Unfortunately it was about a week before they moved into their new building, so we probably would have had a bigger selection if we would have waited.


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