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December 26, 2012
The day after Christmas, we docked in
Oranjestad, Aruba for the afternoon. Again, we took a bus tour. The bus below is called a banana bus, but we weren't on one of those.

December 25, 2012
Christmas Day we were in
Cartagena, Columbia for the morning. Tammie and I took a bus tour to different parts of the city. First, we stopped at a monastary (on top of a hill), then on to a naval museum (which wasn't very impressive), then to two shopping districts (and Tammie got her picture taken with Pepito the sloth). At the end of the morning we were at a small nature preserve within walking distance of the cruise ship dock. The parrots didn't seem to like us too much.

December 24, 2012
This was the big day! A trip through the
Panama Canal! It was also Christmas Eve, so again there wasn't much traffic. The ship was already moving when our alarm clock went off at 6:00 AM (we weren't supposed to start until 6:30). Paul started taking pictures right away and we got a lot! This time we went through all three of the Panama Canal Locks: the Miraflores, the Pedro Miguel and the Gatun Locks.

There is always dredging in the canal to prevent sediment from blocking the canal, but right now the canal is being expanded. The largest ships which can go through the canal are called Panamax ships, but the new locks will support Post-Panamax Ships.

December 23, 2012
We were in Panama City's harbor,
Amador in Panama. Here we went on a small ferry boat through the two sets of Panama Canal Locks on the Pacific side, Miraflores and the Pedro Miguel. We got off the ferry in Gamboa, on Gatun Lake and took a bus back to the port and got back on the Coral Princess. It was raining the first hour or so, and Paul said it was just like where he grew up!

It was interesting to go on a small boat through the canal and be able to see things which we couldn't see on the big cruise ship. It was a Sunday and there wasn't too much traffic in the canal.

December 21, 012
Our first port of call was
Puntarenas in Costa Rica. We arranged to take a scenic train ride, then a short river cruise. We saw some wildlife, and Paul said it reminded him of the Amazon jungle.

December 15, 2012 to December 29, 2012
Panama Canal Cruise on the Coral Princess

We went on a cruise on the Coral Princess through the Panama Canal! We flew to Los Angeles, stayed the night in a hotel and then got on the Coral Princess! We spent several days at sea before our first stop in Puntarenas in Costa Rica. Then we stopped for a day at Amador in Panama. Then through the Panama Canal! The next day we spent the morning in Cartagena, Columbia. The next afternoon we docked in Oranjestad, Aruba. Then a few days at sea before disembarking in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When we docked, there were seven cruise ships there (that we saw), and the airport was crowded!

It was a great trip, and we saw lots of wild-life (and not just the people on the ship). We got some welcome-aboard treats, and had to do the emergency drill. We were able to relax a bit between ports. We spent quite a bit of time on our balcony just enjoying the scenery. The map below is the actual track we took, recorded by our GPS.

September 23, 2012
Happy Anniversary Tammie and Paul!

We gave them a custom-made puzzle from
Portrait Puzzles.

September 19, 2012
Shark Attack!

Cheasapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel-- While traveling from the Virginia mainland to the Virginia Eastern Shore, Mr. Bear and Bobo stopped at the rest stop where the bridge changes to the tunnel. They were doing some Geocaching when a shark tried to attack them! Fortunately, a quick-minded fisherman was able to stop the attack by tackeling it. Observers may not think the shark was very big, but being that close to a shark is a frightening experience.
Bobo was contemplating a pair of shark-skin boots.
September 17, 2012
Attempted Bear-Napping!

Atlanta, GA-- Mr. Bear and Bobo both enjoy a good bear nap, but today there was an attempted bear-napping they didn't appreciate. While visiting the World of Coca-Cola for Tammie's birthday, Mr. Bear was almost bear-napped by the Coca-Cola bear! During a photo-shoot of Mr. Bear, Bobo, the Coca-Cola bear and Tammie, the Coca-Cola bear tried to take Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear was handed off to the Coca-Cola bear's accomplice, a teenage girl, who seemed bewildered to be holding him. Mr. Bear's struggles and Bobo's quick strategy allowed Paul to rescue Mr. Bear. It is unknown why the Coca-Cola bear tried to bear-nap Mr. Bear, but Mr. Bear believe it may be related to his love of chocolate. Neither Mr. Bear or Bobo are commenting on the incedent as it is still under investigation.
The vault is where the secret Coca-Cola recipe is stored. Bobo tested the security and set off the alarm. He may be sneaky, but this is one challenge he has yet to conquer. He's in training and anticipates another chance in the future.
September 14, 2012 to September 20, 2012
Vacation! We went down to
Asheville, NC ( Google Maps) for a few days. Then we headed off to the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA. After that out to Maryland's Eastern Shore. We did a bit of Geocaching along the way, and stopped in four states we hadn't Geocached in before: TN, NC, SC and GA.
September 2, 2012
Since we still had visitors in the house, we sent them off to
National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Dullas airport. We wanted a quiet day at home!

September 1, 2012
This time Aunt Tracy came with Cousin Lozetta and Cousin Ian, but it was just for Labor Day weekend, not a whole week. Glass blowing again at
McFadden Art Glass. Tracy and Ian made drinking glasses, while Lozetta made a pendant.

August 14, 2012
This week Cousin Rebekah was here for a visit. Like her sister Anna and Cousin Lozetta, she also wanted to go to
McFadden Art Glass. She also made a drinking glass, and Tammie made a third flower.

July 26, 2012
Cousin Lozetta also came for a week-long visit. She wanted to do glass blowing at
McFadden Art Glass. Lozetta made a drinking class and Tammie made another flower.

July 14, 2012
Cousin Anna came for a week-long visit. She wanted to do glass blowing at
McFadden Art Glass. She and Tammie both made flowers.

July 1, 2012
We were out
Geocaching today and saw this sign.

June 28, 2012
Tammie bought some Hershy Kisses, and Paul saw a mess when he got up in the morning.

June 22, 2012 to June 24, 2012
We went to Lancaster, PA, for the weekend. We did a bunch of
Geocaching on the way up. Saturday we went to Wilber Chocolate Factory, in Lititz, PA. Then over to Shady Maple Smorgasbord for lunch. We ended the day by seeing Jonah at the Sight and Sound Theater. Sunday we went to a gigantic used book sale in York, PA. We got 81 books for $20!

June 16, 2012
We went to see
Riverdance (Wikipedia) at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts! Well, Paul and Tammie went to see it; we stayed home.

May 28, 2012

May 27, 2012
We went to West Virginia today for our first Geocaching trip there. We found five Geocaches in WV, then decided to stop at
South Mountain Creamery for ice cream on the way home; we found one Geocache on the way to SMC.

March 3, 2012 to March 11, 2012
We went on vacation to
Massanutten Resort in Virginia! We also did a lot of Geocaching this week. We found 37 caches!

January 1, 2012
Celebrating New Year's Day.


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