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December 19, 2013 to December 29, 2013
Another vacation! This time we went to Kentucky and Wisconsin. We left home on Thursday and got to
Petersburg, KY, where the Creation Museum is. Over the years we've attended a couple of their conferences and we subscribe to Answers magazine. We were there during the Christmas Town show.

Friday we went to the museum. We were a bit disappointed. The Biblical story of Genesis 1-9 is told, but we were expecting more science to be presented. It was still fun, and we'd go again if we have a chance.

Saturday we drove to Wisconsin, where Grandma and Grandpa live. We don't see them very often since they're so far away. We spent nearly a week with them, including Christmas. We haven't been with them for Christmas since 2002, so that was fun. We left there Friday and got to Gram and Pap's in Pennsylvania Saturday. We stayed there two nights and got home Monday.

October 4, 2013 to October 12, 2013
Vacation! Because Tammie fell down the stairs last month, that vacation was canceled. Instead, we went to New York. One of Tammie's friends from college was ordained in the
Wesleyan Church, so we went up for the ceremony. It was in Canandaigua, NY, which is in the Finger Lakes area of New York.

Since we were in the area, we decided to go to Niagara Falls; none of us had been there before. We stayed on the Canada side of the falls, at the Oaks Hotel, which had an incredible view of Niagara Falls. If you go there, make sure you get a Falls View room, which means you can see the falls from the room; a Falls Side room may be on the side of the hotel with the falls, but there may be something blocking the view. We got one of the entertainment packages from the hotel, but most of the attractions weren't worth the money. If you go there, spend time looking at the falls, not doing the entertainment in the area.

We arrived Monday and we went to the Niagara IMAX Theater, which was unimpressive and not worth the cost. The Daredevil Exhibit in the same building also wasn't worth the cost. We had dinner at Remington's of Niagara Steak & Seafood, which was part of the hotel package, and the food was pretty good.

Tuesday we got our bus passes for WeGo, which was part of the hotel package. Having 2-day bus passes was very nice to get around town. We went on Journey Behind the Falls, which was disappointing. We also went on Niagara Fury, billed as a 4D Universal Studios-style attraction; it was also disappointing. A little bit of Geocaching and a lot of relaxing and we were done for the day.

Wednesday was a much more interesting day. We went on the Maid of the Mist boat ride to the bottom of Niagara Falls. It was very wet, but fun. This ride was definitely worth the time and money. Later in the day we tried to go to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Trading Post, but it was closed for the season. Both Uncle Scott and Aunt Cheryl (not related, except through Tammie and Paul's marriage) collect police patches. The fact that there is a Hershey store next door was an acceptable compromise. For dinner we went to Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse; it's an all-you-can-eat meat buffet. We really like Brazilian Steakhouses, but they're expensive so we only go on special occasions.

Thursday we left Niagara. We first stopped at Niagara Falls State Park, on the United States side of the river. The views from the Canadian side are much better. If you go in that direction, make sure to take your passports. We drove to Gram and Pap's house and stayed there for two nights, and got home Saturday. On the way to Gram and Pap's we stopped at the Zippo (lighter) and Case (knife) Museum, since we were driving right by it anway, and there's no admission fee (and they have bathrooms).

September 6, 2013 to September 7, 2013
Tammie fell down the stairs at home on Friday and broke her left shoulder. Actually, she broke the humerus, and dislocated her shoulder. She had to have surgery that day, but it didn't happen until about 10:00 PM. She called Paul at work from the emergency room (she called 911 first and got an ambulance ride to the hospital) and let him know what had happened. Paul went to the hospital and spent some time with her, then came home and picked up a few things for Tammie, including us. I, Mr. Bear, spent the night at the hospital with her. Gram and Pap came down the next day, and Tammie came home Saturday.

We were supposed to go on vacation Saturday, but obviously that didn't happen.

August 2, 2013 to August 9, 2013
July 22, 2013 to July 29, 2013
Somehow Cousin Anna was able to finagle her way into visiting for two weeks this year, although they weren't consecutive weeks. She was here for a week, then at Gram and Pap's for a week, then back here. For the swap from Gram and Pap's back to us, we met them in
Intercourse, PA, which is in Lancaster County, PA. While we were there we went to Shady Maple Smorgasbord where Anna had a panic attack because of all the people, or maybe because of all the food choices. We also went to Sight and Sound Theater where we saw the show Noah.

On the way home, we happened to see a sign for Neuchatel Swiss Chocolates, and Mr. Bear wanted to stop. The owner is from Switzerland, so he knows how to make Swiss chocolate, although the chocolate was actually made in Pennsylvania, not Switzerland, using Swiss methods. It was worth the detour! Since Mr. Bear got chocolate, Bobo wanted to stop at Keyes Creamery in Aberdeen, MD. Keyes Creamery is part of the Maryland Ice Cream Trail. Then Anna, who had recently gotten her drivers permit, drove the rest of the way home. Part of it was on a narrow, winding road, and the bushes, trees and fences flew by inches from the side of the car. Once we got on the Interstate she didn't have a problem.

Anna and Tammie did a bunch of stuff together (Paul mostly stayed at work). They went back to McFadden Art Glass again this year.

July 14, 2013 to July 19, 2013
Cousin Lozetta was here for the week for her yearly visit. She and Tammie did a bunch of stuff together (Paul mostly stayed at work). They went back to
McFadden Art Glass again this year.

July 12, 2013 to July 14, 2013
We had a long weekend in
Cumberland, MD. Cousin Rebekah had been staying with us, and she was being swapped with Cousin Lozetta, so we decided to meet Aunt Tracy, Cousin Lozetta and Cousin Ian in Cumberland, MD and do something special. On Saturday we went on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. The railroad goes from Cumberland, MD to Frostburg, MD (the Google map is actually a bicycle route, but it follows the train tracks most of the way). The locomotive was made by Baldwin Locomotive Works, and was built in 1916 and is number 43105.

July 8, 2013 to July 14, 2013
Cousin Rebekah was here for the week for her yearly visit. She and Tammie did a bunch of stuff together (Paul mostly stayed at work). They went back to
McFadden Art Glass again this year.

June 13, 2013
Aunt Tracy retired from the Coast Guard! We spend the weekend in
Pittsburgh at the Wyndham Grand Hotel (Aunt Terrie was able to get us a big discount through her business connections). Tammie made a quilt for Aunt Tracy. We had a great view from our hotel room of the Three Rivers that come together in Pittsburgh: the Monongahela River flows North from West Virginia, the Allegheny River flows South from Pennsylvania, and they combine to form the Ohio River, which flows West to form the Mississippi River.

May 8, 2013
We were in Virginia to see cousin Seth play a soccer game, and cousins Anna and Rebekah had a dance recital. We didn't get a picture of Seth; sorry.

April 25, 2013
The big event on our vacation was a
Hot Air Balloon ride! Tammie contacted In Flight Balloon Adventures in New Jersey. It was a lot of fun and even Gram and Pap we along with us! We took off behind Spain Inn 2 at Latitude=40.663579730316997, Longitude=-75.034387651830912 and landed at Latitude=40.681600067764521 Longitude=-74.924688404425979. We had the GPS with us, so we tracked the entire flight. The pictures below don't show elevation of the ground, so you can't see the hills we went over, but they were there! According to the GPS, the whole flight was just over an hour, 6.79 miles and we got up to 4194 feet (ground level where we landed was 318 feet). Our maximum speed was 13.8 MPH! We made sure we were seat-belted in because we didn't want to fall overboard!

On the way home from the vacation, our GPS routed us a strange way home, but it took us through a great detour! We passed The Shoppes of Premise Maid, where they make chocolate and ice cream!

April 20, 2013 to April 27, 2013
Vacation in the
Poconos! We stayed at Eagle Village Resort (Google Maps) near Bushkill, PA. It was a quiet, peaceful place. We didn't do must most of the week except relax. There was a BBQ place that had a cow out front, and we got our picture taken with it (so did Gram and Pap).

March 8, 2013 to March 10, 2013
We spent the weekend at the
Princess Royale Hotel in in Ocean City, MD. We got together with some of Paul's college friends.


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